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Eurolanche Invasion XI: Final day

Eurolanche Invasion XI: Final dayDaily updated recap of the Eurolanche Invasion X with a photo of the day and important links.

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DAY 17 - Leaving United States and arriving back to Europe on the next day.

DAY 16 - We had a special schedule for our last full day in Denver, followed by the last time shopping and the fifth Avalanche win during our stay.

DAY 15 - Driving in the sunny Rocky Mountains, quick visit to the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge and our firsr ever AHL - Colorado Eagles game.

DAY 14 - We landed back in Denver, enjoyed really, really hot weather, swim in the poll, had a lunch at SoBo and visited our seventh game.

DAY 13 - The Jack Daniel's distillery tour and a long 9-hour driving back to Chicago for an overnight stay.

DAY 12 - Visits to the gravesites of the KFC founder and a boxer Muhammad Ali, Jim Bean distillery and the great game in Nashville.

DAY 11 - We visited the John Hancock Center (360 Chicago views), had a little walk in Downtown, met with some Avalanche players and watched a huge Avs win.

DAY 10 - We arrived to Chicago, ate a depp dish pizza and had a walk in Downtown.

DAY 9 - Visit to the Colorado Eagles practice with the meeting the players afterwards, shopping in Downtown and a great big win over the Jets.

DAY 8 - A day in Colorado Springs, where we visited the Air Force Academy and the Olympic Training Center.

DAY 7 - After never ending shopping, we enjoyed our first win and also met Kaut and Francouz.

DAY 6 - Very busy day and of the greatest in the Invasion history: Red Rocks, Georgetown, Vail, Rocky Mountains, St. Elmo, Gator Farm and Great Sand Dunes all in one day!

DAY 5 - Game 2 of the Invasion XI and Denver Downtown.

DAY 4 - Last shopping in Las Vegas, taking nice photos in the nice weather (finally), the Las Vegas sign and finally a comeback to Colorado.

DAY 3 - Another day in Las Vegas that had brought rich individual and group schedule, like for example watching Avs game against the Jets, a trip to Hoover Dam or a meeting with David Copperfield.

DAY 2 - We spent whole day in Las Vegas.

DAY 1 - Arriving to Denver, where 5 of 12 first participants met and watched their first Avalanche game of the Invasion XI, which ended by another loss for the Avs, sadly.

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