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Eurolanche reaches more than 1000 members

Eurolanche reaches more than 1000 membersThe biggest Colorado Avalanche fan club reached a major milestone.

The Eurolanche Fan Club was founded in 2007 as the first European fan club of the Colorado Avalanche. Over the course of more than 12 years, the Fan Club established itself as the biggest fan club of the hockey team from the Mile High City and gained renown as the longest-running independent and non-commercial fan project in the entire NHL.

On the very last day of 2019, Eurolanche reached a significant milestone in terms of the total number of registered Fan Club members, surpassing the thousand-member mark. As of today, the Fan Club has 1027 members in total. Fan Club members hail from 44 countries across all continents with the exception of Antarctica. Despite its initial goal of uniting European fans, Eurolanche became a platform connecting Avalanche fans from all across the globe.

“We managed to reach a major milestone, one which I’m really happy for. Not only does the thousand-member mark represent our status as the biggest Colorado Avalanche in the world, it also represents a commitment to our members who are interested to travel to Denver and fulfill their dreams. I would like to thank both Eurolanche members and my colleagues for their support,” said the Fan Club’s founder and president David Puchovsky.

To become a Eurolanche member, one only has to fill in the registration form on the Fan Club’s website The Fan Club also has lots of fans and supporters online, with almost 9 000 fans following Eurolanche on social media.

Since 2007, the Fan Club organized eleven trips to the US with the ultimate goal of seeing the Avalanche play in person. As of now, 70 Eurolanche members from 10 European countries have participated in said trips known under the moniker Eurolanche Invasion. Together, they’ve attended 71 Avalanche games, several of them being played away from the Pepsi Center, as well as the Avs’ outdoor game in 2016. Each trip also included various other activities, which took the participants from Colorado to 12 other US states, as well as Canada or Mexico. In February 2020, the Fan Club organizes the Eurolanche Invasion XII, during which 12 participating members are scheduled to attend 8 Avalanche games, including Colorado’s outdoor game against the Los Angeles Kings at Air Force Academy’s Falcon Stadium.

Additionally, Eurolanche also organized the Eurolanche Raid 2017, a trip to the 2017 SAP NHL Global Series, during which the Avalanche played two games against the Ottawa Senators in Stockholm, Sweden. This year, the Fan Club’s organizing the Eurolanche Raid 2020 to Helsinki, Finland, where Colorado will square off against the Columbus Blue Jackets.

During the course of more than 12 years in existence, the Fan Club also organized dozens of competitions for Avalanche souvenirs and player autographs, 13 member meetings, one anniversary meeting on the occasion of its 10th birthday, as well as several members with current and former Avalanche players in the US and Europe.

The Fan Club has published more than 100 exclusive interviews with both current and former Avalanche players. All major ice hockey media outlets in North America and Europe have published reports and articles about Eurolanche and its activities. On the occasion of its 10th birthday in 2017, the Fan Club also received congratulatory letters from the Governor of the State of Colorado and the Mayor of Denver. The same year, Eurolanche also published a more than 200-page book about its 10-year history in both Slovak and English., Worldwide,
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NHL on Nov 11, 2017: "Eurolanche is the world's largest Colorado Avalanche fan club."