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Eurolanche sends face masks to 10 countries

Eurolanche sends face masks to 10 countries  The Fan Club shipped the majority of face masks to North America, while also shipping several face masks within Europe.

The biggest and longest-running fan club of the Colorado Avalanche provided face masks for dozens of its members and Avs fans across the globe. Eurolanche shipped face masks to 10 countries (Austria, Canada, Czechia, Finland, Germany, Italy, Slovakia, Switzerland, United Kingdom and USA) and 14 States (Alaska, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Kansas, Massachusetts, Nebraska, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Texas, Utah and Wyoming). Within Colorado State, face masks from Europe have been shipped to 23 towns and cities. The majority of fans ordered multiple face masks and the number of distributed masks reached a significant number.  


Being a non-profit project, Eurolanche made no profit from the distribution of said face masks. The organization only acted as an intermediary between the face masks manufacturer and fans from all across the world, which included several members of the organization.



“I live in Slovakia, where wearing face masks in public has been compulsory by law for almost a month now. We were among the first countries, which introduced such measures. As of today, we had 46 734 people tested, 1173 confirmed cases and 13 fatalities. These numbers are among the lowest in the entire world. This is why I’m certain that wearing face masks has an influence on lowering – yet not entirely eliminating – the risk of being infected by COVID-19.  Those who can’t afford to buy one or those who can’t get to one because of face mask shortages can knit one from any stronger fabric found in their household. Protection is more than necessary, be it in any shape and form. When we found out that Colorado faces a face mask shortage, we didn’t hesitate and wanted to help our friends, Fan Club members and Avs fans in general,” said Eurolanche founder and president David Puchovsky


Face masks to the US have already been dispatched and are currently being shipped, as the delivery time has been prolonged due to the effects of the nationwide state of emergency on airline transport and airports. 



The face masks are reusable and should last as long as necessary, provided they aren’t mechanically damaged. The fabric of the face masks is also used for manufacturing medical uniforms and scrubs, thanks to which the face masks conform to high safety and protection standards.  


Eurolanche has announced a giveaway of several face masks for free, including shipping costs.  


Several media outlets in both North America and Europe reported on Eurolanche’s activities related to the provision of face masks. 



Should the sale of face masks with Eurolanche’s logo resume, fans will be informed and updated via social media., Worldwide,
20/04/2020 - 22:00


NHL on Nov 11, 2017: "Eurolanche is the world's largest Colorado Avalanche fan club."