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EXCLUSIVE: Interview w/ PRIMARY SOURCEJoe was at the start of the Zach Parise rumor. According to him the Avs should obtained Parise´s rights from New Jersey Devils. Here is an interview with him.


Colorado Avalanche fans are experiencing the craziest time since the final fight for the playoffs spot at the end of the last regular seasons. Joe has reported the Avs are in the race for Zach Parise. He was the first human being to publish this information which is regarded by many fans as the rumor. Joe later brought other updates on this story. Journalist Todd Cordell absolutely denied this rumor in the previous exclusive interview for Where is the truth now?

You have started the Zach Parise rumor. According to your sources Zach Parise should refused the offer from Dallas Stars. Then the he should agree on the deal with Avs. Avs should trade Giguere, Kobasew and two draft picks for his rights. You tweeted Dallas and Colorado are going to make offer for Parise a while ago. There is mixture of information. What is true and what is not on it?

Devils and Dallas had a deal in place. It was going to be done, but Parise does not want to play in Dallas so he was not traded. Colorado and Devils had talks and Parise said he would sign with Colorado if traded him. The Devils and Avs could not agree on a trade after concerns about Giguere´s health came about.

I guess you are not going to name your sources on the public. But can you please convince us about their reliability? Can you at least name the scope where they work?

I cannot say anything about the source as this is why I get the info. I will never give anyone a chance to find out who he is. It could put his job which pays him very well at risk.

What are your the latest updates on the possible trade between Avs and Devils (Zach Parise)?

There has been no contact between Colorado and Devils in the past 24 hours.

What is your opinion? Do you think the Avs will get Parise from Devils?

I do not think the Avs will get Parise via trade.

When we should know the final word in this possible trade?

The final word will be when Parise is signed and reported on on July 1st any of the 30 teams can sign him.

Why Parise would like to come to Denver and not to other NHL team? Why the Avs?

Parise would bring life back into the Avs. The Avs have a solid core of players. The Avs have not had a good season in a few years so the owner Stan is ready to spend.

Is it possible you are wrong on this entire rumor?

Could I be wrong? Yes by if wrong means Parise does not wind up being on Colorado. But is it a lie that the Devils and Avs have talked trade... The answer to that is no.

David Puchovsky, Slovakia,
23/06/2012 - 00:00


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