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Pre-registration for Invasion X

Pre-registration for Invasion XExactly one month before Invasion IX, the first Eurolanche members have a chance to pre-register for the Eurolanche Invasion X.

Eurolanche Invasion IX begins in one month, on January 12, 2017. Ten Eurolanche members from four different countries will take part in the trip. Nine of them will travel to Colorado for the very first time. Now, you will have the opportunity to join dozens of previous Invasion members as part of the Eurolanche Invasion X scheduled for the 2017/18 season.

The pre-registration process will have three phases:

1. Special registration

The Eurolanche Invasion X will be the tenth trip to Denver in Eurolanche history. On this occasion, the first phase of the registration process will be exclusively available for Eurolanche members, who took part in the Eurolanche Invasion project in the past. Starting today and until the end of 2016, each of the 36 members of all previous Invasions (including the upcoming Invasion IX) may send their preliminary registration for Invasion X (in total, 54 fans were part of nine Invasions, as some of them participated multiple times). All of them received more information via email today. The special preliminary registration process indicates that the 2017/18 season will be about celebrating all previously organized Eurolanche Invasions.

2. Registration of active members and members who expressed their interest in previous Invasions

All active members of Eurolanche's staff (writers, admins, graphic designers etc.) and those Eurolanche members, who expressed their interest in past Eurolanche Invasions, but ultimately couldn't participate, will be able to send their preliminary registration between January 1 and 12, 2017. Both of these groups will be further notified on January 1.

3. Registration of all Eurolanche members

After January 12, all Eurolanche members will be able to take part in the preliminary registration. A notification email will be send to the email addresses they used while registering for Eurolanche membership.

What are the benefits of the preliminary registration?

The overall interest in the Eurolanche Invasion project has been increasing with each year. For example, a record-setting number of 12 fans participated in Invasion VIII. The capacity of the trips isn’t necessarily limited, but may be limited if the final number of members would cause complications during the organizational process of the trip. By submitting your preliminary registration, you're not obliged to do anything. Thanks to an early registration, you can secure a spot on the list of all members, who expressed their interest in the trip. The order on this list will be based on the time you sign up. After you've sent your preliminary registration, you will receive more information in 24 hours. More information, including expected costs, will be available after Invasion IX.

When will I know the date and schedule of Invasion X?

Only pre-registered members will be informed about the Eurolanche Invasion X date. The date of each Invasion is usually chosen in mid-July, when the NHL usually publishes its own schedule. At the same time, the expected schedule should be known as well, since Invasion X will be an anniversary trip.

When will I have to confirm/cancel my registration/participation? 

Only pre-registered members will be informed about the final deadline to confirm their participation in the Eurolanche Invasion IX. The deadline is usually in late August. Then, every pre-registered member will need to make a final decision., Worldwide,
12/12/2016 - 21:00


NHL on Nov 11, 2017: "Eurolanche is the world's largest Colorado Avalanche fan club."