Varlamov: I see team in playoff

Varlamov: I see team in playoffVarlamov says injuries are behind him, sees team back in playoffs.

Semyon Varlamov, acquired by the Avs for two high draft picks last week, was introduced to the media Thursday. He'll wear No. 1 with the Avalanche.

"Patrick Roy, he was my favorite player," said Varlamov, who signed a three-year, $8.5 million contract with Colorado. "I remember watching the great Detroit vs. Colorado games as a kid."

About the injuries (groin and knee) that helped cost him his starting job at times in Washington, Varlamov said: "I don't want to be thinking about my injuries. The injuries, I think, are behind me. I see my future in Colorado. I see my big future in Colorado."

Asked if he is up to the potential challenges — and the pressure of expectations that will come his way — Varlamov said: "Of course, of course. That's why I'm here right now."

Of the trade to Colorado, Varlamov added, "Every trade is a surprise for every player, because you never know what might happen, but I'm very happy."


Rudolf Sery, Slovakia,
08/07/2011 - 13:55


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