Interview with the Avs scout Joni Lehto
11.06.2013 15:30 - Eurolanche did an exclusive interview with the scout of the Colorado Avalanche.
Avs Staying Strong
05.06.2013 23:30 - Bordy signing a good step.
Avalanche signs Bordeleau
05.06.2013 22:30 - The Colorado Avalanche Hockey Club announced today that the team has signed forward Patrick Bordeleau to a three-year contract through the 2015-16 season.
Players Last Chance
04.06.2013 16:00 - This year could be a last chance for some Avs
Future by Roy
29.05.2013 21:30 - Is Factor a factor for the future.
Will Patrick Roy be successful coach?
28.05.2013 19:00 - Patrick Roy will be a rookie within NHL coaches for season 2013/14
Reborn Colorado
25.05.2013 19:00 - Exciting news in last couple of days/week wouldn´t you agree? We hope they are for the best!
Patrick Roy Named Head Coach
23.05.2013 23:00 - Patrick Roy is a new headcoach.
Roy to be next coach of Avs
21.05.2013 08:00 - Patrick Roy will be likely new coach of Avalanche.
Avs on WC (15): Landeskog with gold!
20.05.2013 11:00 - Along with the daily results, we also focus on Avs players at WC.