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Interview with Hejda for Eurolanche (1.)

Interview with Hejda for Eurolanche (1.)Fanclub Eurolanche has started the co-operation with Jan Hejda.

As we mentioned several weeks ago, we have successfully talked with Jan Hejda in Denver during Eurolanche Invasion IV about the co-operation with us. You can see the first step today. We will try to bring you an interview with Czech defenseman at the end of every month. You will able to send your questions too. Then we will choose the best. We hope this is the start of the great co-operation with such a great player and human being like Jan Hejda is.

Colorado Avalanche is playing very good now. What is behind the success?

Confidence. Definitely. We have won some games. It is good to have some wins behind you every time. Then you have no worries on the ice. We have fixed playing system. Every player fills his role.

Kyle Quincey said controversial thinks in the media. Can you make a comment on it?

I think the situation is not like Quincey said. The team is very good. We believe in the playoffs.

How is it possible to play great game and gain hard loss few hours later? For example, the game against Winnipeg was not good.

Winnipeg has strong start to the game. They played good. Some games do not fit us. For example, we can play against Detroit, Vancouver, but have problems against St. Louis, Nashville and Winnipeg. Hard games.

How would you comment Steve Downie´s arrival?

He has fit here definitely. We have good team. Management and coaches were looking for the support to the offense. I think they have found it. Kyle Quincey was good defenseman. But if you want to get good player, you have to trade good player. I think he will help us.

What do you say on McGinn?

I saw him for the first time on the ice on Wednesday. He has good shot. I have not seen him in the game yet. I think it will be step forward according what I saw on the practice. Winnik was very important on penalty kills, but I hope somebody will substitute him. We needed support to the offense. They have done it.

What is your prediction to our Eurolanche League for the game against Columbus?

The win 4:1 or 5:1. Ryan O´Reilly will score the game winning goal. Columbus has strong offense, but has weak places in the defense.

What can we expect in March?

It will very hard. I think there are 16 games. Very important games which can decide everything. For example, we will play two times against Minnesota. One of the most important games of the whole season.

David Puchovsky, Slovakia,
01/03/2012 - 16:00


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