The Game

The GameThis is a brief column about the game against Edmonton Oilers.

It was very hard win, but absolutely deserved. Avalanche players played with a fire in their hands. It could end differently and badly. Fortunately, the fortune and genius Varlamov have helped the team. It would be very frustrating if the Oilers won – the next team with a very ugly and specific style. Downie impressed me most. He again showed his complex skills. He fights, get shots and passes. He is in my top 3 ranking of the Avs. Landeskog get better if we compare him with the previous games. The worst moments were Jones´ missed goal scoring chances. In the other hand, McLeod is still showing this kind of player has still place on the NHL team roster. Sum up, it was average play by the Avs. They had a lot of problems at powerplays and also in the defense. Oilers got chances very easily. Varlamov was under pressure. Avalanche will play against Ducks in the next game. It is another must win match. They have to beat every team from the bottom of standings now.

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David Puchovsky, Slovakia,
11/03/2012 - 12:30


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