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Trip of US fan to Europe: Czech

Trip of US fan to Europe: CzechEurolanche brings you the diary of the unique trip of the Colorado Avalanche fan from USA to Europe. Here is the fourth part of six.



Nice Student Agency bus, has Wi-fi and video entertainment, and a bonus, an attendant who I take a liking to, Barbara, a nice Czech gal. This makes the 5 hour ride seem like it is not long enough, before I know it I am crossing the bridge into Prague. Everything is flashing by, so many things to see, but it will not happen this time through. To the bus station, a goodbye to my new girl (another time for us?), and waiting is my friend Matěj Klucho ready to depart for the drive to Liberec. About an hour later and crossing the mountains, we arrive in Liberec where I meet Matej’s parents and brother. I feel welcome immediately, like coming home, and before I know it it is time for dinner. We meet Verča and Simča at Teak house-Vratislavice for a dinner of roasted pork and a Krušovice, delicious.

Česká Day 2 we take a drive toward the ski mountain overlooking Liberec and a ride up the mountain to Ještěd the hotel/restaurant/communications tower that is a landmark of the area. The clouds covering town eventually break-up so that we get a decent view of the town and surrounding area. Down the hill for a visit to the ice rink and some souvenirs of the hockey team Bílí Tygři Liberec, I got a nice scarf with a White Tigers and Boston Bruins logo from their visit to town, nice!

Then off to a homemade lunch courtesy of Verča, wow, I would gain weight if I got to eat this great cooking all the time. Then we are off for a visit to the Zoo.  They have three white tigers along with an entertaining seal and elephant show, another hot and humid day in Central Europe!  But, good ice cream again here.  We make a visit to the old town area of Liberec to get some photos at Radnice and sample some Czech strawberries before heading to the floorball practice. I get a chance to swim and have a sauna between practice and the game. In the game, sadly, Matěj only manages to hit the post…better luck next game Matěj.

Then after acquiring additional party persons Králik and Krisča we are off to the grill party at Verča’s house. We are joined by Verča’s sister Radka for an evening of fantastic grilled meats, some funny stories told by Králik about goings on at the zoo, and saying a goodbye to the rest of the Krušovice travel keg, which now decorates the rafters of the grill barn at Verča’s, very nice.

Morning comes, and with it arrive pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream. Verča, have I told you I love you yet? 

I also get buns filled with a sweet cream cheese and grape jam and a bottle of Becherovka from maminka for the ride back. We drive back to Prague just in time to catch the bus, sorry Praha, you will just have to miss me until I return…  On the ride we get pulled aside to have a short chat with immigration, but, all is well as the delay is only 20 minutes and we are back on the way.

Andy is a huge Avalanche fan since their moving to Denver in 1995. He co-operates with the Eurolanche since the Eurolanche Invasion II in 2009. He lives in  Denver, Colorado. You could see him on the picture above (on the left) with Czech member of Eurolanche Matej Klucho.

David Puchovsky, Slovakia,
23/07/2012 - 22:00


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