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Eurolanche Member: Natacha the Pilot

Eurolanche Member: Natacha the PilotEurolanche introduces you one of its members with interesting hobby. If you want to share your personal story with us, let us know at

Natacha, 24, was born in France. She lives in the south part. She has been professional pilot for two years and was private pilot before. Natacha has experience also with a helicopter. She was in the army for three years. Natacha loves ice hockey and cycling. She hopes she will leave France soon and get a new job as a pilot in Montreal, Canada.

When have you started to fan the Avs and why?

It is very recent. I have been a fan for 3 years. I love Slovakia and Slovak people. My boyfriend is a goalie in France and I was interested in Peter Budaj and all the team. This team is full of history and Peter Budaj is my inspiration.

What is your favorite player (all time and current) of the Avs and your nicest Avs memory?

My favorite player now in the Avs is Paul Stastny. I like this player, he is unbelievable! I hope to meet him next year, it's a big dream. And my nicest Avs memory was in Montreal. It's incredible, I know, but in February 2012 I met Peter after a practice, it was a fantastic memory!

Natacha took Eurolanche logo with her in the cabin.

How popular is the ice hockey in the region where you live?

The hockey is not a number one in France. We have some teams but the level is so different. I have many Slovak friends who play hockey in France in professional teams but rinks are small (1500 to 3000 places for fans). Our team in Biarritz (my home) is "l'Hormadi". It's a small team but the rink is just near the sea, it's good! I prefer hockey in other countries in Europe (Slovakia, Finland or others) and Canada, America of course!

How long have you been a pilot?

Since 13 years old. I'm 24 today. It's a true passion, aeronautic is my life.

Is not hard and also expensive to get pilot license?

Yes, it is long (3 years training) and about 80 000 Euros for a professional license in France. The hard part is finding a job after aviation school. But you know it's magic to fly. I also do aerobatics, I love it. In October I will go to Montreal and New York to have my American and Canadian license to fly the other side of the Atlantic in professional pilot.

Do you own a plane?

Unfortunately not but I hope one day. I rent aircraft around the world (especially in France) but it is in my plans to buy a plane.

How often do you fly?

Sometimes I fly 20 hours in three days and sometimes I fly 20 hours in the month. Today I have 1,700 flight hours in helicopter and 500 flight hours in aircraft.

Do you have favorite destinations for flying?

Yes! I love to fly above Montreal, you can fly low over the building and the city is beautiful. It's forbidden to fly low in Europe especially in France. I also love going to Italy and Corsica, these countries are so incredible and we are always welcome. Corsica is the most beautiful part in France.

Do you remember on some negative experience on the flight?

Not for the moment! And I hope never, but in a life of pilot, fortunately, we always encounter minor problems. The major problems are rare, the aircraft is safe.

What would you say to people who are scary of flying?

Don' be afraid to fly, it is the safest way and the scenery is beautiful above the clouds. By car we don't see it all. :-)

Eurolanche will proudly introduce interesting facts from the life of its members! If you  want to share your story with us, contact us at

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