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Paul Stastny to EHC Red Bull Munchen

Paul Stastny to EHC Red Bull MunchenPaul Stastny will attend in germany’s EHC Red Bull Munchen till lockout ends.

Germany's Eishockey league is going to welcome another NHL star and we have another Avs player closer.

EHC Manager Christian Winkler in the official statement for "The obligation of Paul Stastny is another dream coming true for us. Due to our current injury crisis, it is a godsend that there is a lockout in the NHL. The lockout allows us, even if only for a short time, that we can strengthen a lot. The obligation certainly entails also a risk, because you do not know when the lockout ends. However, we have discussed the internal situation closely and wanted to help the team immediately. If the licensing all goes well, we can use it on Friday in a game in Hanover. "

Paul Stastny in Avs jersey

Paul will wear number 11 and he'll very likely play tommorow.

Good luck, Paul!

Ales Bubilek, Czech Republic,
15/11/2012 - 15:30


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