Duchene and Canada win Spengler Cup

Duchene and Canada win Spengler CupThe recap of the last hockey day of the year 2012.

Matt Duchene and his Team Canada have become the champions of the oldest hockey tournament in the world called the Spengler Cup. Canada beats the Swiss team of HC Davos 7:2 in the final game on the last day of the year 2012. Duchene was without point, but you can bet the New Year party will look great for him and his teammates.

Duchene in the final game of the tournament. Photo by AP.

Sum up, Duchene played in all of four Canadian games; scored two goals and added three assists. He became the star of the semifinal game against the German team of Fribourg, when he scored two goals and gained one assists in the win 5:1.

Team Canada started their run for the Spengler Cup on 26th December, when they were defeat by German team of Manheim. On the next day, Canada surprisingly beat the HC Davos easily 5:0. Thanks to this win and the results of other teams, Canada had advanced directly to the semifinals from the group stage. Then Canada beat Fribourg and in the finals Davos again. Overall, five teams from Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic and Russia took a part in the tournament, and one national team.

Duchene will stay in Europe and wait for the situation in the lockout in the NHL. If nothing will change, he continues in Switzerland playing for HC Ambri-Piotta.

David Puchovsky, Slovakia, eurolanche@eurolanche.com
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