Half-way Points

Half-way PointsHalf-way into preseason and some interesting stories are starting to standout

Preseason hit the half-way point for the Avs with the win over the Ducks yesterday. Here are a couple things I have noticed so far. Some are good some are bad and some are just what it is.

Ryan Wilson is injured already. Not an overly big surprise for the often injured Wilson. Like every year I and others have high hopes he stays healthy. When he is he is a force to be reckoned with.

Wilson injured does give 18 year old Chris Bigras a chance at getting some regular season action. So far Bigras has played well in 2 preseason games. Roy likes what he sees so I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets tryout games to see how he does while Wilson is still injured.

Duncan Siemens got sent down to Lake Erie. It only surprised me slightly because I assumed he would be there anyways. Just didn’t think he would go without a preseason game. But hey always time to work on it and make it back up. With the Avs D core plenty of space for improvement. Plus count on Wilson to get injured and give people opportunities to play.

Andre Benoit is already better then Greg Zanon. I mean we knew that anyways. Sure he only played one preseason game so far but he got a goal. Something Zanon couldn’t do in 44 games. I like him already for now.

Stephan Elliot is quietly being a workhorse so far in preseason. The only Defenseman to play all three games so far in the preseason. Now while he hasn’t gotten any points in the three games. He is a plus 1 and is playing about 17-19 minutes a night. He might be fighting for his roster spot and so far I would say he doing a good job.

Matt Duchene and Ryan O’Reilly sounded fantastic together in the one game. 6 points combined and Factor with the OT shorty goal. Looks like it will be one deadly combo for the season. Of course I am hoping next time they hit the ice that P.A. Parenteau is alongside them. I love Downie and he did score a goal while being on the same line. But I want to see Pap and Duchene back together with some Factor fun.

Semyon Varlamov has played two full games and looked pretty darn good so far. Last night he was the game changer for the Avs. He is defiantly going to be under a lot of pressure all season long. But so far looking good and he has lots of great mentoring help around now.

Last of all why no J.S. Giguere yet in the preseason? He is just that awesome he doesn’t need to play. Or is he secretly nursing some type of injury. All I know is I want me some Giggy.

Anything else standout that I missed? If so let me know and get the discussions rolling it is almost puck drop.

Adam Starks, Canada, eurolanche@eurolanche.com
23/09/2013 - 16:00


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