The Game

The GameThis is a brief column about the game against Anaheim Ducks.

Colorado closed the old year by great performance. It was like its play during the Eurolanche Invasion IV few days ago. The stable was the main reason of another win – we did not see substitution of good and weak moments there – they just played the whole game on the same level. All 60 minutes and almost everybody on the ice. No frustration, no dreaming after three goal lead. Giguere did not have much work, because men in front of him were very good – but he had some big, nice and important saves. The offensive justly confirmed my theory about being stable. Hejduk scored finally and everybody expect this result from our hero. Quincey added one, so here is also defense´s contribute – I think he is our best d-man in this season. The third one was scored by Kobasew who played great in the previous game. The Avs players won in spite of missing Duchene. It is shame that Jones was invisible and also two allowed goals.

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David Púchovský, Slovakia,,
02/01/2012 - 08:00


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