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Fast moves on the market

Fast moves on the marketI wanted to do a comment on the draft - yes, better late than never - but these Avalanche signings caught me by surprise.

I wanted to do a comment on the draft - yes, better late than never - but these Avalanche signings caught me by surprise. I acted like a young kid again last night and I was out watching Flogging Molly and Skunk Anansie and then partying until 6 AM, but when I got up today I saw a lot of new players in the Avs roster. And I mean A LOT for what the Avalanche usually does in the off season.

First of all, the goalie situation is settled for now. The Vokoun thing didn't work out. So the Avs went with Giguere and Varlamov, not necessarily in that order. In other goalie related news, Budaj went to Montreal and Elliott went to St. Louis, so that sweetens the Stewart trade. As for Budaj... I already feel sorry for him. The Canadian fans will eat him alive if he doesn't perform.

A truly bad news for some is that Flash wasn't resigned and he "took his talents" to Florida. If he'll be fit to play, as some claim he is, this one will bite Colorado right in the behind. He was great for the Avs while he was here and it's a shame what happened to him.

Also, center Chuck Kobasew and defensman Jan Hejda came in Denver from Minnesota and Columbus.

Some of you might be interested to know that fan favorite Andrew Brunette is now a Blackhawk and not-so fan favorite Jose Theodore is now with the Panthers, as is Jovanovski, which some wanted to come to Denver to stabilize the blue line. Also, Jagr is back in NHL as a Flyer. Should be interesting to watch...

Now let's talk a little about what the Avs paid for Varlamov. Since he wasn't a free agent, like Vokoun, they sent a 1st and 2nd round pick to the Capitals. A lot of analists that are smarter than me say it's way too much for an injury prone goalie. So it's a high risk for Sherman, but I don't like the guy, so he can just as well break his neck, I don't care. But if the Avs play bad, the goalies don't help them and they end up at the bottom of the barrel without a top pick to show for it... Well, that I won't like and no fan will. So I hope the risk pays off and the Avs find a long term goalie in Varlamov. I've seem some games of his when he was in Washington and he has talent to spare. It's probably of problem of him staying healthy. And if he is - and he must be - the starter, Giguere is a quality backup, that can take a big load from him. So I'm okay for now with the signings. They're far better than the trades.
As far as the draft... I have to leave it for next time, unless the Avs don't make another big signing.

Robert Ciubotaru, Romania,
02/07/2011 - 18:08


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