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August will belong to Eurolanche

August will belong to EurolancheThe Fan Club will celebrate its 10th birthday in August.

The Eurolanche Fan Club will celebrate its 10th birthday on August 12, 2017. On this occasion, coverage on will focus on the Fan Club’s activities during the first two weeks of August. We will continue to unveil the 60 best photos from Eurolanche’s 10-year history, recap selected interesting facts about its activities and focus on the things the Fan Club has achieved during its 10 years of existence.

The celebrations will culminate in a four-day meeting of Eurolanche members in the High Tatras on August 10 until August 13, 2017. Starting on August 10, we will begin with our special coverage on, which will focus on the celebration of the Fan Club’s anniversary. We’re planning a number of surprises, which is why we can’t reveal more at this time. That’s why we recommend to follow our website, as well as both our Facebook and Twitter accounts, where we’ll also publish live videos during the anniversary meeting. 

It goes without saying that we’ll keep on publishing article and will keep you updated should something important regarding the Colorado Avalanche happen., Worldwide,
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NHL on Nov 11, 2017: "Eurolanche is the world's largest Colorado Avalanche fan club."