Member story: Martin from Slovakia
27.12.2016 15:00 - In its 10th season, Eurolanche introduces its members thru the regular weekly series "Member stories".
Back in time: Invasion VIII
27.12.2016 13:00 - Robert Heppekausen was one of two first Avalanche fans from Germany who traveled to Denver with the Eurolanche. He looked back at this experience at the Eurolanche Invasion VIII in the following recap.
Back in time: Eurolanche Invasion VII
27.12.2016 08:00 - Branislav Svec from Slovakia wrote the following recap of his first participation at the Eurolanche Invasion project. He spent 17 days in Denver.
WJC: Jost’s opening goal
27.12.2016 04:30 - Tyson Jost opened the scoring in Canada’s opening game at this year’s World Junior Championship.
Back in time: Eurolanche Invasion VI
26.12.2016 17:00 - Pavol Hercko, long-time member of the Eurolanche Fan Club remembers back on his first visit to Denver on Invasion VI.
Back in time: Eurolanche Invasion V
26.12.2016 13:00 - The Vice President of the Eurolanche Fan Club, Rudolf Sery from Slovakia remembers his first ever participation in the Invasion projects.
Back in time: Eurolanche Invasion IV
26.12.2016 08:00 - Matej Klucho from the Czech Republic prepared the following recap of the Eurolanche Invasion IV. It was his second participation in the events…
World Juniors at Eurolanche.com
25.12.2016 20:00 - Eurolanche Fan Club will monitor the upcoming World Junior Championship.
Back in time: Eurolanche Invasion III
25.12.2016 17:00 - Peter Helik from Slovakia wrote a summary of the Eurolanche Invasion III. It was his first (and for now) his last participation at the known events.
Back in time: Eurolanche Invasion II
25.12.2016 13:00 - Norbert Gruber from Austria remembers his first trip to Denver that was followed by his participation on the event in the future.