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Interview on NBC Sports by Jeremy Roenick, 2016

Interview on Altitude TV, 2008       Interview on Altitude TV, 2009           Interview on Altitude TV, 2010

Report on FOX 31, 2010                    Interview in Pepsi Center, 2013         Interview in Pepsi Center, 2013

Interview in Pepsi Center, 2013        Live Sport Talk show, 2014               Interview in Pepsi Center, 2014

Interview in Pepsi Center, 2016    



One of the most popular radio station in Slovakia - Radio Slovakia, informed about the Eurolanche and its projects during the World Championship in 2016.

Eurolanche on Radio Slovakia, 2016    



The most read hockey magazine in the world published one-page story about the Eurolanche in its November 2015 issue. It becomes one of the biggest success in the Fan Club´s history.


First ever report about the Eurolanche Fan Club in Denver Post was published during the Eurolanche Invasion VII. Renowned journalist Terry Frei wrote about the Fan Club´s attractiveness and the ongoing trip in Denver in 2015.


The Pro Hockey published the interview with Peter Budaj in 2009, which was did by Eurolanche members at the summer meeting with this player. In an issue published in three years later, an editor-in-chief mentioned Eurolanche´s website in his editorial as the most sophisticated website amongst the NHL fan clubs.

The Pro Hockey magazine mentioned the quotes of Ian Lapperriere which appeared in the exclusive interview for the Eurolanche in 2012 and published two-page story with 8 photos of the Eurolanche Invasion V in April 2013.

Pro Hockey published again recaps of the Eurolanche Invasion VI and Invasion VII in 2014 and 2015.

Summaries of the Eurolanche Invasion VII were printed by Swedish and Finnish Pro Hockey magazines for the first time in a history in 2015.

Pro Hockey magazine informed about the Eurolanche Invasion VIII in 2016.

Eurolanche and its President David Puchovsky appeared in one of the Pro Hockey issues in 2016. David shared his opinions in the special fan discussion and the Eurolanche was mentioned as the best European Fan Club project.


The local Czech newspaper wrote two stories about the first two trips of Eurolanche members to Colorado in 2008 and 2009.

The local US newspaper from the city of Tulsa, state of Oklahoma published the story about the Eurolanche Invasion V in March 2013. Eurolanche Invasion VII´s story did appear in the Sloval local newspaper as well.

The most-selling newspaper in Slovakia "Novy Cas" reported about the Eurolanche´s interview for the NBC Sports. Former NHL legendary player Jeremy Roenick interviewed the Eurolanche Invasion VIII crew at the Stadium Series Game.

Popular Croatian sport newspaper Sportske Novosti informed about Eurolanche´s trip to Croatia and a meeting with Rendulic.


One of the most popular family magazines in Slovakia called Zivot (Life) published two-page story of the Eurolanche with many photos in 2014 (also a mention on the cover).


At the top of this list is published a story about the Eurolanche Invasion VI at the official website of the Colorado Avalanche in 2014 along with stories published at THEHOCKEYNEWS.COM in 2015 and on in early 2016 about the Fan Club in general and its latest trip to Denver, Eurolanche Invasion VIII.

The Slovak story about the new project of the Eurolanche was published at HOKEJPORTAL.NET and news about a meeting with Peter Budaj appeared at HOKEJ.SK; both in 2008.

The biggest hockey website in Slovakia HOKEJ.SK published two stories about the first trip in Denver in 2008.

SME.SK and HOKEJ.SK, both very famous websites in Slovakia, brought recaps of the Invasion I in 2009.

Story about Eurolanche Invasion III appeared at HOKEJ.SK again in 2010. Additionally, MILEHIGHHOCKEY.COM sourced Eurolanche´s information about Marek Svatos´ father death.

MILEHIGHHOCKEY.COM sourced Eurolanche´s photo of Gabriel Landeskog and one of the most worldwide hockey website HOCKEYBUZZ.COM quoted Fan Club´s rumor about Zach Parise.

Zach Parise´s rumor was quoted by MILEHIGHHOCKEY.COM and MILEHIGHSPORTS.COM too.

RANTSPORTS.COM was amongst the media that quoted Eurolanche´s rumor back in 2012 and later Adrian Dater of DENVERPOST.COM published Fan Club´s photo of a young journalist Jessica Ghawi who was shot in the infamous incident in Colorado in the same year.

DENVERPOST.COM quoted two stories by about Jan Hejda´s injury and Matt Duchene´s plans for the lockout in 2012.

More information about Avs players´ plans for the lockout were published by AERYSSPORTS.COM and MILEHIGHSPORTS.COM in 2012. Eurolanche was a main source.

Video obtained by the along with the update on Gabriel Landeskog´s fight in Europe were quoted and sourced by DENVERPOST.COM and AERSYSSPORTS.COM.

More news about the same news on Landeskog appeared at EXAMINER.COM and MILEHIGHSPORTS.COM.

Two big websites of PROHOCKEYTALK.NBCSPORTS.COM and SPORTINGNEWS.COM quoted Eurolanche´s interview with Semyon Varlamov and informantion about Jan Hejda´s lockout plans, respectively, in 2012..

Update on Jan Hejda appeared on another prominent websites THEHOCKEYNEWS.COM and NBCSPORTS.COM.

Eurolanche brought another updates on Gabriel Landeskog, who was playing in Sweden during the lockout. MILEHIGHSPORTS.COM and DENVERPOST.COM sourced in 2012.

Next update on Matt Duchene´s short stint Europe republished by MILEHIGHSPORTS.COM and Varlamov´s thoughts on a lockout in 2012 sourced by the same website.

More Avalanche-lockout news appeared at MILEHIGHSPORTS.COM - update on Varlamov and announcement on O´Reilly´s contract with Russian team.

MILEHIGHSPORTS.COM brought update about Ryan O´Byrne thanks Eurolanche´s sources and MILEHIGHHOCKEY.COM published a link on the interview with Ville Nieminen did by the Fan Club.

Eurolanche coverage during the lockout in 2012/13 season was popular. MILEHIGHSPORTS.COM sourced the Fan Club again when they informed about updates on Peter Budaj and Ryan O´Reilly.

Both MILEHIGHHOCKEY.COM and MILEHIGHSPORTS.COM quoted latest Eurolanche´s reports on the Avs players playing in Europe in early 2013.

Eurolanche published exclusive interview with Ryan O´Reilly during his stint in the KHL and EXAMINER.COM reported about it. Also, the biggest Italian NHL website HESHOOTSHESCOORES.COM published Eurolanche´s story at the same time in 2013.

Website VAS.CAS.SK who belongs under the biggest news site in Slovakia published a story of Eurolanche´s president who met Ryan O´Reilly in Europe and MILEHIGHHOCKEY.COM published a link to the interview with Ville Nieminen again in a short time in 2013.

MILEHIGHOCKEY.COM used as their primary source for the Avalanche-lockout news and MILEHIGHSPORTS.COM republished interview with Jan Hejda in 2013.

It was a breaking news when Ryan O´Reilly decided to leave KHL for the NHL and published it as the first news media. MILEHOGHHOCKEY.COM and mainly the big site of SPORTS.YAHOO.COM quoted Eurolanche in 2013.

Czech website of EXTRAHOKEJ.CZ informed about Eurolanche´s opinion on a hard hit on Gabriel Landeskog by Brad Stuart back in 2013 and MILEHIGHHOCKEY.COM linked an interview with Marek Svatos.

SPORTS.YAHOO.COM quoted again in 2013 when they published Jan Hejda´s quotes on Milan Hejduk. TULSABEACON.COM informed about the Eurolanche Invasion V - the story appeared also in its printed edition.

Czech websites of TN.NOVA.CZ and FANDA.NOVA.CZ who belongs to the biggest Czech TV station TV NOVA informed about Eurolanche Invasion V and published general story about the Fan Club in 2013.

VAS.CAS.SK published a report about the Eurolanche Invasion V in 2013.

DENVERPOST.COM linked exclusive interview with Seth Jones in 2013.

MILEHIGHSPORTS.COM quoted Eurolanche´s interview with Jan Hejda and HESHOOTSHESCOORES.COM linked to Seth Jones´ interview.

DENVERPOST.COM brough update on Gabriel Landeskog prior the World Championship in 2013 and FIVEFORHOWLING.COM linked to one
Eurolanche´s exclusive stories.

Two general news about the Avs players were sourced at MILEHIGHSTICKING.COM in 2013.

MILEHIGHHOCKEY.COM linked to the Jan Hejda interview again and DENVERPOST.COM published information on Peter Forsberg originally produced by the Eurolanche in late 2013.

Czech and Slovak websites of TYDEN.CZ and HOCKEYSLOVAKIA.SK that is an official website of the Slovak national team published updates on Jan Hejda in 2014.

Italian website HESHOOTSHESCOORES.COM informed about Eurolanche´s interview with Reto Berra and Slovak website of SLOVAKPROSPECTS.COM asked in their own interivew Max Pajpach if he knows the Eurolanche Fan Club in 2014 (he knows of course).

MILEHIGHSTICKING.COM informed about the interview with Jesse Winchester in 2014 and NHL.CZ quoted Eurolanche´s interview with Borna Rendulic in early 2015.

BSNDENVER.COM informed about Eurolanche´s speculation on Jonas Holos and MILEHIGHHOCKEY.COM sourced a comeback information about Tomas Vincour during the season 2014/15.

DENVERPOST.COM named "Your best on-site Avalanche-related news from the WC can be found at Eurolanche." during the World Championship in 2015 when they sourced the Fan Club couple of times.

BURGUNDYBRIGADE.COM brought Eurolanche´s news aboout newcomer Andreas Martisen and famous website of Puck Daddy linked the interview with Borna Rendulic.

Before the season 2014/15 MILEHIGHSTICKING.COM linked Eurolanche´s interview with Milan Hejduk and later in that season did the same with the very first interview with Mikko Rantanen.

Famous writer Rick Sadowski wrote a story about the Eurolanche Invasion VII for the HOCKEYBUZZ.COM and the same story appeared at SPORT.SK, the biggest sport website in Slovakia in 2015.

DENVERPOST.COM had another sourced story during the World Championship and later added a link to the Eurolanche´s speculation about Pavel Zacha coming to Colorado at the draft in 2015.

Two separated stories at MILEHIGHHOCKEY.COM informed about Eurolanche´s interview with Calvin Pickard in 2015.

THEHOCKEYWRITERS.COM sourced the Fan Club for the first time in 2015 regarding an information about Avs interest in Alexander Radulov and quoted Eurolanche´s interview with Pavel Zacha.

Various regional media in Europe reported about Eurolanche´s appearance in The Hockey News like for example or that are one of the most popular hockey websites in Czech Republic and Slovakia.

MILEHIGHSTICKING.COM sourced Eurolanche´s interview with Mikko Rantanen and NHLNEWS.CZ informed about Fan Club´s eighth trip to Denver in early 2016.

The biggest daily paper in Slovakia "Novy Cas" published a story about Fan Club´s appearance on NBC Sports at its online version CAS.SK and sourced the Eurolanche´s interview with Borna Rendulic.

MILEHIGHSTICKING.COM sourced the Fan Club´s on two occasions in early 2016: Firstly, the interview with Borna Rendulic and secondly exclusive information on Roman Will.

Both MILEHIGHHOCKEY.COM and KHL.HR informed about Eurolanche´s then-very popular interview with Borna Rendulic in 2016.

SPORTS.YAHOO.COM thru its Pcuk Daddy blog informed about Eurolanche´s story on The Lindros Trade Tree and NHLCZ revelead Fan Club´s exclusive update on Alexander Radulov.

The biggest sport website in Slovakia SPORT.AKTUALITY.SK informed about a visit of the Eurolanche members at Marian Hossa´s home in 2015 and HOCKEYBUZZ.COM sourced Eurolanche´s interview with Borna Rendulic.

SPORT.AKTUALITY.SK asked Eurolanche President on his own experience with the accreditation process in the NHL and on the fan experience at the NHL games.

TSN.CA sourced the Eurolanche for the first time in 2016, when they informed about the end of The Lindros Trade Tree.


The following list provide you all links of the Eurolanche´s internet-media appearances. The Fan Club does not guarantee its utility after the years.