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Where can you meet Eurolanche in the US?

Where can you meet Eurolanche in the US?A manual on how to meet Invasion XII participants in the US.

As part of the Eurolanche Invasion XII, twelve Eurolanche members from Slovakia, the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom and Slovenia a will venture to the US. Each year, American fans ask the participating Eurolanche members for a meeting. This year will be no different and Invasion XII participants will be happy to meet new people and to see well-known faces as well.

Since the program of each Invasion is flexible and can change by the hour, it’s really difficult to agree on a specific time and place for a meeting in advance. You should first finish reading this article and in case you’d be interested in a meeting with Eurolanche, contact as at Options to meet Eurolanche will be published via Twitter, but due to possible changes, or in order to get more information in advance, we recommend you contact us via the aforementioned email address.

Eurolanche Invasion XII schedule locations:

  • February 11-20 & 26 - Denver, Colorado
  • February 20-23 - Los Angeles and Anaheim, California (Tijuana, Mexico for 1-day trip)
  • February 23-24 - Las Vegas, Nevada
  • February 24-26 - a road trip from Las Vegas to Denver with multiple stops

During the group’s stay in Colorado, the best options to meet with American fans will be prior to games, during games at the Pepsi Center, after games, during selected practices at the Family Sports Center and on other days in the evening hours. 

In case you’re interested in joining the group for one-day trips in Colorado, please contact us at as soon as possible.


Basic information about the Eurolanche Invasion project, as well as information about the previous eleven trips are available at If you’re considering taking part in a future Invasion and have any questions, please send them to us via Registration will be made available at a later date and every Fan Club member, who provided his email address in the signup form, will be notified via the provided email address., Worldwide,
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NHL on Nov 11, 2017: "Eurolanche is the world's largest Colorado Avalanche fan club."