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Memorable meetings in Brno

Memorable meetings in BrnoEurolanche organized two Stanley Cup Final watch parties.

During this year’s Stanley Cup Final, Eurolanche organized its very first events during a final series. The biggest fan club of the Colorado Avalanche in the world was founded in 2007, six years after the Avs last played for hockey’s ultimate prize.


Following intensive communication between the members and owner of the Arena Sport sports bar in Brno, more than 50 Eurolanche members attended two watch parties, surpassing all similar meetings in the history of the Fan Club. Attending the events were Avs fans from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, as well as from Austria. Most of them attended the late-night meetup from Friday to Saturday for game 5, which unfortunately did not end happily.

The sought-after victory finally came on the night from Sunday to Monday. Exuberant celebrations in front of the bar at six o'clock a.m. or the subsequent walk to downtown Brno with the official fan replica of the Stanley Cup were not only etched in the memory of the attending Eurolanche members, but of local residents as well.

Participants of both meetings received Eurolanche and Avalanche memorabilia. The decorations of the bar, which prepared fantastic conditions for the fans, included Eurolanche flags and banners. The games were broadcast both on a projector screen and on numerous nearby TV screens as well. Anyone could watch the emotions of the attending fans, as Eurolanche broadcast a live video feed from the bar via its social media. The emotional reactions ultimately became part of a commemorative video of this beautiful evening.

North American and European media alike reported about Eurolanche’s watch parties. The commentators of Nova Sport, which broadcast the game for the local market, talked about the first party. Prior to the last game, the ABC Denver TV station in Colorado interviewed the participants. A few days later, during the Stanley Cup celebrations in Denver, Eurolanche again made it onto the Fox 31 broadcast, as a mention of loyal fans – thanks to reporter Jeremy Hubbard, who even met Eurolanche in person in Slovakia in the past. Articles about Eurolanche in regard to the Stanley Cup Final and the watch parties also appeared on the NHL's official website.

The two memorable events caught the attention of many fans, which contributed to the rapid increase of followers of Eurolanche on social media. To date, there are more than 13 000 of them. The number of Fan Club members also increased to 1263 from 46 different countries around the world.

Tension, joy, jitters and the final release of emotions in form of winning the Stanley Cup for the first time in Eurolanche’s history after 21 years since the last championship, together with the incredible celebrations in the streets of the awakening Czech city, contributed to the fact that the watch party of game 6 of the Stanley Cup Final in 2022 became the single most unforgettable event in the history of the Fan Club. We believe that it wasn’t the last one, either.

22/07/2022 - 21:30


NHL on Nov 11, 2017: "Eurolanche is the world's largest Colorado Avalanche fan club."