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The biggest event in Eurolanche history

The biggest event in Eurolanche historyA record-setting number of Eurolanche members are traveling to Finland for Avalanche games.

Eurolanche Raid 2022 will become the biggest event in the history of the world’s biggest Colorado Avalanche fan club. Exactly 70 Eurolanche members from Austria, Czechia, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, the United Kingdom and United States will watch the Colorado Avalanche’s doubleheader against the Columbus Blue Jackets in Tampere, Finland. 


Said fans will be joined by dozens of other Fan Club members from additional countries who will travel to Finland individually. In terms of the number of fans and represented countries, Eurolanche Raid 2022 will surpass the figures of Eurolanche Raid 2017, which saw an organized group of 56 Fan Club members travel to Sweden.


“After five years, Eurolanche once again brought together Colorado Avalanche fans from all over the world. Many who met in Sweden five years ago haven’t seen each other since, so this will be a great opportunity to catch up and reminisce, as well as experience new things in Finland, where most of us haven’t been before. The scale of Eurolanche Raid 2022 is a great case in point that no other team in the entire NHL has such a dedicated and organized group of fans with more than 15 years of history as the Colorado Avalanche,” said Eurolanche Founder and President David Puchovsky.

Most Eurolanche Raid 2022 participants will spend five days in Finland from November 2 until November 6, 2022. In addition to two NHL regular season games, the program will include a practice visit on Thursday, November 3. Regarding the number of participants and the nature of the trip, several variations of the program will be available to Eurolanche members, including either group or individual activities.

Eurolanche members – not only Eurolanche Raid 2022 participants, but everyone traveling to Finland – will receive regular updates via a special Facebook group, which will also serve as a place for mutual discussion. In the event that anyone from the fans still lacks access to the aforementioned group, they can contact us at

Like in the case of the event in Sweden, we also created a logo for Eurolanche Raid 2022, which is a reference to the country where the European doubleheader will take place. The logo includes the Finnish flag, as well as the silhouette of one of the country’s most iconic animals – a moose.

Updates from Eurolanche Raid 2022 will be continuously published via Eurolanche’s social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. A summary report will be published at after the trip.

Information for the media: Should you be interested in writing an article/report about Eurolanche Raid 2022, please refer your questions to Eurolanche President David Puchovsky at, Worldwide,
31/10/2022 - 17:30


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