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Eurolanche on Tour XIII: DAYS 15 & 16

Eurolanche on Tour XIII: DAYS 15 & 16Daily updated recap of the Eurolanche on Tour XIII with a photo of the day and important links.

DAYS 15 & 16 - A tour at the Croos Brewery, lunch with Ken, the final 8th game and a huge post-game celebration at the Czech hockey pub Sobo 151 with our friends (and some of us met Peter Forsberg too). Coming home on Sunday via London to Vienna with an arrival on Monday. Thank you for your attention!

DAY 14 - Visits to two memorials (one in Veterans Park as a commerative symbol to the D-Day in Normandy and the other in Columbine related with the 1999 tragedy), the third practice followed by a photo moment with Georgiev, the Broncos stadium exterior walk, alacrosse game and a wrestling exhibition.

DAY 13 - Almost an 8-hour hike in Eldorado Canyon, a great lunch in Idaho Springs and three incredible moments around Game 6 - watching the Avalanche warmup from their bench, meeting with Hejduk & Hejda and taking a photo on the Ball Arena ice.

DAY 12 - Post-practice meetings with MacKinnon, Girard and Nichuskin followed by an hour walk in the nature of Boulder.

DAY 11 - A road to Pike's Peak summit, exploring the Cripple Creak area including the local prison museum and a huge win in Game 6 of the Tour XIII.

DAY 10 - Avalanche small practice followed by a meeting with Pavel Francouz, great lunch at Ken's house and the NBA game.

DAY 9 - A 10-hour way back to Denver from Texas via Kansas with a stop at Bent's Old Fort National Historic Site.

DAY 8 - Driving for three hours from Oklahoma City to Dallas for our only away Avalanche game, visiting the JFK Museum and driving back to Shamrock for a night at the classic US motel on the original Route 66.

DAY 7 - In the first time in Eurolanche's history we drove the famous Route 66 for a whole day in order to move over two States to reach Oklahoma City as our temporary final destination.

DAY 6 - The world's highest suspension bridge, a gator farm, dunes, eight hours in a car and the first part of our road trip finished in Tucumcari, New Mexico prior Route 66 journey.

DAY 5 - Tours at Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge, Coors Field and Stranahan's followed by our first loss and a crazy experience in Florence where we drove post-game for the beginning of a road trip.

DAY 4 - Buffalo Bill Museum, Air Force Academy, Garden of Gods and shopping before and after that = a lot of driving in another busy day.

DAY 3 - Dowtown Denver, insane Avalanche merch shopping and our second win of the Tour. 

DAY 2 - A full day trip in the Rocky Mountains.

DAY 1 - Flying to Denver from Europe, arranging necessary stuff at the car rental and the hotel, enyjoing the first Avalanche win of the trip.

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