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Eurolanche on Tour XIII in numbers

Eurolanche on Tour XIII in numbersThe Fan Club’s thirteenth trip to the US will begin on February 25, 2022.

8,662 kilometers (5,382 miles) – the distance between the airport of departure in Vienna (Austria) and Denver

3,200 kilometers (2,000 miles) – the lowest estimated distance Tour XIII participants will travel in two rented minivans between Denver and Dallas (the route will include several stops and four overnight stays in hotels and motels) + additional kilometers/miles during trips in Colorado would probably make Tour XIII the trip with the longest distance covered by car ever

112 – the number of NHL tickets needed for Tour XIII participants, the majority of which have been purchased and the rest donated by local Colorado fans that will have a special mention in other parts of the Tour XIII coverage

96 – the total number of Eurolanche members that took part in all Tours, including the number of Tour XIII participants

87 – the number of attended Avalanche games following the conclusion of Tour XIII

71 – the age of the oldest participant in the history of Eurolanche on Tour (the youngest was 18 years old in 2008) 

69 kilograms (150 pounds) – the maximum luggage weight allowed in an airplane (a big travel case, onboard luggage and a small bag), which the participants will surely have their problems with following their shopping spree at Altitude Authentics in Ball Arena

42 – the maximum amount of travel cases, both big and small, as well as smaller bags, in which all Tour XIII participants can pack their belongings in

30 – the total number of opponents all Eurolanche on Tour participants have seen in action against the Avs, including games that will be played during Tour XIII (the number also includes the Atlanta Thrashers, with the Boston Bruins and Carolina Hurricanes the only missing teams)

17 – the number of hours, which will pass from the group’s arrival at the airport in Vienna up until their arrival in Denver, after which they’ll have to quickly travel to Ball Arena for their first game

15 – the number of nights the group will spend in the US

13 – the number of hours the participating members will spend onboard the plane from Vienna to Denver via London

14 – the number of Tour XIII participants, which sets a new Eurolanche on Tour record

12 – up until now, fans from 11 European countries have taken part in the Eurolanche on Tour project; Sweden will become the twelfth during Tour XIII

12 – the number of times a member from Slovakia participated in the trip, the most among any country

11 – the number of participants venturing to the US for the very first time, which will set another record for a single trip in Eurolanche history

7 – in addition to Colorado, the participating Eurolanche members will visit six other US states (New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Nebraska and Wyoming), which will set a new record for visited US states during a single trip

8 – the number of Avalanche games the group will attend, which will equal the record set during Invasion XI and Invasion XII

5 – the Eurolanche group will attend an Avs road game for the fifth time in a row 

– the number of flights members of the group will have to take as part of Tour XIII (Stockholm/Vienna – London, London – Denver and back)

3 – the number of countries of origin represented among the participating group (Slovakia, Czech Republic and, for the first time, Sweden)

3 – the number of legs Tour XIII is split into (Leg 1 - Colorado, Leg 2 - Road Trip, Leg 3 - Colorado)

3 – the number of attended major sports leagues (NHL, NBA, NLL - 10 games altogether)

2 – for only the second time in the history of Eurolanche's trips to the US, participants will have two rented vehicles at their disposal 

– the number of new opponents added to the program of an Eurolanche on Tour trip (first attended games against the New Jersey Devils and Seattle Kraken)

1 – the single most important thing all 14 Eurolanche on Tour XIII participants have in common – passion, love and support for the Colorado Avalanche organization   

Current record from games attended as part of the Eurolanche on Tour project:

Calgary Flames: 2-1 (score 12:9)

Vegas Golden Knights: 1-0 (score 3:0)

New Jersey Devils: first attended game against

Dallas Stars: 3-0 (score 11:8)

Seattle Kraken: first attended game against

San Jose Sharks: 3-1-1 (score 15:16)

Los Angeles Kings: 1-1 (score 3:4)

Arizona Coyotes: 4-0 (score 13:6)

Information about Eurolanche on Tour, as well as information about the previous twelve trips, are available at If you’re considering taking part in a future Tour and have any questions, please contact us at Registration will be made available at a later date and every Fan Club member who provided his email address in the registration form will be notified via email.  , Worldwide,
23/02/2023 - 18:00


NHL on Nov 11, 2017: "Eurolanche is the world's largest Colorado Avalanche fan club."