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Changes in the Yeti Ultras concept

Changes in the Yeti Ultras conceptEurolanche is changing the way its group of active members works.

Yeti Ultras is a group of Eurolanche’s active members, which offers its members various benefits as gratitude for their activity in the development or events organized by the Fan Club. Until now, the only condition for group membership was to take part in a Eurolanche event at least once every two years. This won’t apply anymore.

As of today, Eurolanche management opted to adjust the entire concept in order to improve the quality of the overall functioning of the group, expand the group for a larger number of members and intensify its entire operation.

The list of members will be updated soon and available at this link.

Members of the Yeti Ultras group are selected by Eurolanche management based upon mutual agreement and the activity of a specific member within the Fan Club.

Any Eurolanche member, regardless of nationality, can became a Yeti Ultras member provided said member:

  • has significantly contributed to the development of Eurolanche
  • partakes in exemplary representation of Eurolanche
  • participates in Eurolanche events in Europe and/or the US, during which he exemplarily represents Eurolanche*

Benefits of Yeti Ultras membership:

  • all contests and giveaways are only available to Yeti Ultras members**
  • premium rewards in the event of finishing among the top three in the Eurolanche League betting competition
  • preferential right to register for Eurolanche events, including Eurolanche on Tour (capacity of events will be limited)
  • special discounts for the purchase of souvenirs and other items
  • special Eurolanche promotions for group members only
  • Facebook group, as well as a WhatsApp group chat for members

*the interval, nor the number of attended events isn’t predetermined, as it’s always subject to individual assessment
**with the exception of occasional promotions for Eurolanche’s followers on Twitter

In other words, not a one-time, but continuous activity within the framework of the development and representation of Eurolanche in the past or present ensures membership within the Yeti Ultras group., Worldwide,
27/03/2023 - 11:00


NHL on Nov 11, 2017: "Eurolanche is the world's largest Colorado Avalanche fan club."