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Interview: Hejda and Hejduk (3.)

Interview: Hejda and Hejduk (3.)Fanclub Eurolanche brings you an exclusive interview with two players of Colorado Avalanche.

Eurolanche members met with Jan Hejda and Milan Hejduk in Czech Republic. They were talking about both starts of their careers, the biggest successes and also about the present and the future. The interview has three parts. The last one will be published on Thursday. Here is the first part and here the second part.

Milan, how do you see your career in the next year?

We will see how the season ended and how it will be with my health. If I would be able to play and if it will worth something. If the season will not be good, I would not like to occupy a place of somebody.

What would you do if there will be a lockout?

Hejda: I will wait for November. Then I would look after other team where I could play. I definitely would not go somewhere else immediately. If I would go back to Czech Republic, it will be Slavia Prague.

Hejduk: I maybe will not play. I will be in Denver. It would have to something interesting for me to play somewhere. I do not think the lockout will last whole year.

What do you think about two long-time contracts produced by Minnesota Wild?

Hejduk: We were talking about it and it looks strange to me. Minnesota signed two players for 13 years during the negotiating process about new CBA. But as a player you could be sure you will get money with no matter what will happen.

Hejda: I think it is not fair. Every manager wants what he likes and they want something else from players.

Do you plan to be in the NHL to the end of your careers or come back to Czech Republic?

Hejda: I think I will be in the NHL how long it will be possible and then we will see.

Hejduk: I play only there (laugh). I will not go anywhere.

And the national team?

Hejda: Olympics will be soon and I would like to go there. Be healthy is my biggest wish. I hope the season will be good. So if will be healthy, I would go.

Hejduk: It is closed matter for me.

What will you do when you retire?

Hejda: I do not plan anything too soon, because it does not worth in the hockey life. I could not plan where I will live to the end of my life. It could be different on the evening. I try to start some business which would give me support after my career. It is the simplest from all options. Man could invest money. But I am saying, it could different in two years.

Hejduk: It is hard to look in the future. I think it will be something with hockey – coaching kids, maybe something for the team. I do not know. We will see. Probably I will not want to be a coach of NHL team – it is about spending the time in hotels and planes again. Coaches spend a lot of the time on stadiums where they study videos. I probably will not want to do it. Only on the kids level. Probably in Denver. It looks like I will live there.

How do you spend your holidays?

Hejduk: My kids visit hockey school, where I sometimes help them. I spend summer with practicing. We stayed two months in Denver after the season. We came here (Czech Republic) at the end of June for two months. I ride bicycle, play tennis, strengthen muscles…

Hejda: I had surgeries in the last years after season so I had to stay in the USA longer. It was not good. We always come here for two months, but this year it is only one month because my wrist and children. Daughter is 11 and she does not want to be here longer. She has horse races in the summer. I am trying to practice every day except weekends. There is not much free time on other activities than family and the practice.

What is captain´s prediction to the new season?

I think we can make playoffs. Duchene will have better year. Landeskog will have it hard, but he is hard player and I do not think he will have significantly decreased.

David Puchovsky, Slovakia,
23/08/2012 - 17:00


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