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Hejda a Hejduk: Team talk

Hejda a Hejduk: Team talkJen Hejda and Milan Hejduk were talking about their teammates from Colorado Avalanche.

Steve Downie

Hejduk: Special man

Hejda: I was at the room with him. He could not hear well.

Hejduk: He has health problems.

Hejda: I admire him how he developed in spite of not easy live. His father died in the car accident while they were going to the practice..

Matt Duchene

Hejduk: Player with the big future. He of course has to work on that. He has big talent. 

Milan Hejduk

Hejda: (laugh) Expert on the war books. He has not find out he can read it on tablets yet.

Hejduk: I have found yet!

Hejda: So he has really big books.

David Jones

Hejduk: Quiet man, important part of the team. 

Chuck Kobasew

Hejda: Quiet too, he has experiences. If he said something it has sense.

Hejduk: Good man.

Gabriel Landeskog

Hejduk: He surprised everybody how he entered to the NHL. He is smart. I do not think he will not play good.

Hejdu: He was 18 and he solved situations on the ice like he would be here for 5 years.

Jamie McGinn

Hejduk: Good addition. Offensive and strength player. He played good in front of the net. Good move.

Hejda: Positive man, he still smiles.

Hejduk: Yes, he has brought good atmosphere. 

Cody McLeod

Hejduk: Hard working player. He does not give any inch of the ice for free. He would leave his soul there.

Hejda: He loves hockey and what he does.

Ryan O´Reilly

Hejduk: He stays for three hours on the ice after practice. He does all things. He, Landeskog and Duchene are still on the ice.

Hejda: He likes playing with the puck. I often see him in the gym doing special things. He works on issues on which many players forget. 

Mark Olver

Hejduk: When he played, he plays solid. Positive man with a smile on the face.

Hejda: He was there for a while and he was happy for it. I wished it to him and I wish it for all players. 

Paul Stastny

Hejduk: Good man, leader. Colorado stands on him. He is valid for the team. Important part.

Hejda: I like on him how he does a lot of work in the defense too.

Jan Hejda

Hejduk: Great man, positive (laugh). Good addition for the team.

Matt Hunwick

Hejda: Patience.

Hejduk: Hat off to him. He tried to think positively. What he survived, only few would have.

Erik Johnson

Hejda: One of the player on whom the future of the team will stand.

Shane O´Brien

Hejduk: You can hear him in the locker room. All time fun. He had good season. 

Ryan O´Byrne

Hejda: Honest player, he loves gym. Not leave anything to chance.

Jean-Sebastien Giguere

Hejduk: He is good, he plays good. Both goalies are perfect. 

Semyon Varlamov

Hejda: Very quiet man. He takes care about his business. He does not speak much. Goalies are always different. They have to focus on their hard position.

Joe Sacco

Hejduk: He is from Boston, tough guy. He spent his career in the bottom lines where he worked hard. He expects maximum commitment from players.

David Puchovsky, Slovakia,
27/08/2012 - 18:00


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