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Eurolanche League starts!

Eurolanche League starts!The first fan club of Colorado Avalanche starts the Eurolanche League for a fifth time in the history.

Eurolanche League is a competition between the members of Eurolanche fan club. The purpose is to find members who are able to predict results of the Colorado Avalanche during the season as good as they can. The first three members will win the authentic Colorado Avalanche souvenirs at the end of the season (signed photos/cards, pucks, magazines etc.).

The basic rule for every game (incl. playoffs) is to make a prediction - the winning team of every single game, the name of the author of the game winning goal and the final score of the game (add "OT" for overtime and "SO" for shootout, if you do not think that game will end in the regulation).

If you were predicted the winning team successfully, you would get 2 points in the standings (4 points for GWG and 5 points for the final score). It means you could get up to 11 points per each game.

We add the list of games by five for your predictions in the special section Eurolanche League that will be available soon at the Eurolanche homepage in the Eurolanche Infobox. Members have a chance to send all their tips at one time for the next five games or use the classic system game-by-game. It is not obligated fill in all fields except the FULL NAME (not nickname) and your E-MAIL contact.

The executive staff members of Eurolanche - David Puchovský, Rudolf Šerý and Juraj Janoťák cannot win the souvenirs but they can participate in the Eurolanche League.

In the last season, members won following merchandise:

1st place – 1996´s winning team poster, Matt Duchene signature, and Avs logo cap

2nd place – signature of Ryan O´Reilly, limited edition puck, and Avs logo pen

3rd place – signatures of Marc-Andre Cliché and Max Talbot, and an Avs logo magnet, Worldwide,
07/10/2014 - 18:00


NHL on Nov 11, 2017: "Eurolanche is the world's largest Colorado Avalanche fan club."