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Registration for the Invasion IX starts!

Registration for the Invasion IX starts!The Fan Club has started the preliminary registration process for the next trip to Colorado.

Eurolanche Invasion VIII is still ongoing in these days, but the Eurolanche staff yet made a decision to start the preliminary registration process for the ninth trip to Colorado under a name Eurolanche Invasion IX that is scheduled for the 2016/17 season. Every member of the Fan Club has a chance to send a preliminary registration for the next Invasion now.

17 registered members yet

The members of the still ongoing Invasion VIII and the Eurolanche’s staff members/reporters had a first chance to send their preliminary registrations. Those Fan Club members that had serious interest in the Invasion VIII, but couldn’t travel at the end, followed. In total, 17 members of both groups have expressed their preliminary interest in the Invasion IX. Now, all Eurolanche’s members have their chance.

What does a preliminary registration mean?

A preliminary registration process doesn’t commit any member to do anything. Its main role is to create a group of the fans that will get closer information from the Eurolanche Invasion staff in the coming months. These members will get answers on their questions regarding the trip. They will have a long time to think about their further participation in the Invasion project.

A date of the Eurolanche Invasion IX will be known after the NHL released a new schedule for the next season, in June. Only preliminary registered members will be informed about a date. They will still have weeks to make a final decision.

A final deadline for their final decision will be in August 2016. If a fan decided to transform his preliminary registration to the final and unchanged, he will be informed what to do next. If he decided to take down his preliminary registration, nothing will happen. He will be placed to a mentioned second group of the members that have chance to send their preliminary registrations for the next Invasion as the second group of the entire Fan Club.

Order of the fans

An order of the fans is very important part of the Eurolanche Invasion IX. Who send his preliminary registration sooner he will be able to confirm his final registration in the summer 2016 sooner. This order may become a benefit in a case of an unexpected bigger interest in the event. The Invasion rules don’t restrict an overall number of the participants of each trip, but the number may be limited by the staff if it would be impossible to organize the event for so many fans. Then an order of the fans will play a key role. A preliminary registration may secure you a place and won’t cost you anything.

Where to send a registration

Send your preliminary registration to You can send just a text saying you have an interest in the Invasion IX. If you will not be contacted in the next 48 hours, try to send another email or contact the Eurolanche staff on the official Facebook fan page., Worldwide,
05/03/2016 - 18:00


NHL on Nov 11, 2017: "Eurolanche is the world's largest Colorado Avalanche fan club."