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Eurolanche Invasion VIII - Final day

Eurolanche Invasion VIII - Final dayDaily updated recap of the Eurolanche Invasion VIII with photo of a day and all important links.

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9.3. - Snowmobiling in Breckenridge, packing all the stuff, the last game against Ducks with a great result and post-game meetings with the Avalanche players.

8.3. - Visit to the Avalanche practices and meetings with the players, but mainly a meeting with Milan Hejduk and Jan Hejda, and a trip to Red Rocks.

7.3. - We spent most of a day in Denver Downtown, while some members of our group went to shopping again and the rest took a tour at Pepsi Center. After the game against Arizona we could meet some Avalanche players.

6.3. - Trips to Rocky Mountain Refuge Arsenal where we could see buffalos and others animals and a big trip to the Rocky Mountains and its National Park. Probably we took the nicest photos of whole trip. Check them in our photo gallery.

5.3. - We visited our fifth game of the Avalanche (the third in Pepsi Center) which did not finish according to our expectations and then one part of a group watchec a lacrosse game and the second did go for the Colorado Eagles game.

4.3. - Visit to the Family Sports Center where the Avalanche practice was held and the follow-up meetings with the players. Some of our members watched the NBA/Univeristy of Denver game in the evening.

3.3. - Never ending shopping of the souvenirs, a whiskey tour and a visit to the game against Florida Panthers in Pepsi Center. And we met Roy too!

2.3. - Our drive continued. We visited the Four Corners Monument and Mesa Verde National Park. And then finally came to Denver after four days.

1.3. - We left Las Vegas for Denver and visited Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon on our way back. We spent a night in Arizona.

29.2. - Full day in Las Vegas and visit to David Copperfield's show. We will write a special report on this trip soon.

28.2. - 14-hour night drive to Las Vegas and first experiences with casinos.

27.2. - Meetings with the Avalanche Alumni players, mainly with Forsberg and visit to the Stadium Series Game where we were interviewed by NBC Sports.

26.2. - Waiting and meeting with the Alumni Game players and the game itself, Hard to describe our feelings.

25.2. - We went shopping and spend hundreds for the Avalanche merchandise; decorated our big van and importantly met some of the Alumni Avalanche players.

24.2. - We traveled from Vienna via London to Denver and immediately went for our first game. Our group was interviewed directly in Pepsi Center as every year. The game was fantastic.

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