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Gormley the Last of the Mohicans

Gormley the Last of the MohicansThe Lindros Trade Tree is done. Forever?

We informed you about kind of absurd, bizarre and very interesting story of The Lindros Trade Tree in January 2016. The Tree shows an impact of Eric Lindros’ trade on a history of Quebec Nordiques and Colorado Avalanche. Lindros will be always remembered for his infamous refusal to dress Nordiques Jersey on a podium after they picked him at the draft and for refusal to play one single for them. After one year of negotiating and ignorance, he was a part of one of the most memorable trades in the NHL history.

In total, seven players, cash and first-round pick came for Lindros. There was one guy named Peter Forsberg in the package as well. The Tree was living own life in the following years. We could follow what next players came for the players who came for Lindros and so on. Sum up, 53 different players arrived to Quebec and Colorado over the next 24 years thanks the Lindros Trade. Five of them have been a part of the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto.

Like family trees of famous kings had to come to the end in the past one day, the same happened to The Lindros Trade Tree. Its last member was nobody else than a defenseman Brandon Gormley. How on Earth can he has something common with Lindros?

He was traded to Colorado prior the past season for Stefan Elliott. Elliott was traded to Colorado in 2009 like a draft pick along with other players for Jordan Leopold. Leopold was traded to Colorado in 2006 along with other players for Alex Tanguay. Tanguay was traded to Colorado in 1997 along with other players for Mike Ricci. Ricci was a member of the famous package sent for Lindros.

The Tree is done because Joe Sakic announced yesterday he isn’t going to offer a new contract to Gormley. It means, he will leave Denver on himself, without being traded away. If he would be traded, The Tree survives.

If you re-read our January story, you can find many bizarre facts there. One of them is „a relationship“ between Tanguay and Gormley. As you could notice, they are a part of one line. So we can say Gormley came to Colorado thanks to both Lindros and Tanguay. And as we know, Tanguay came back to Colorado one more time and suddenly he was in the same locker room as Gormley.

But that’s not all...

The Tree was terminated yesterday, June 27 of 2016, after Sakic’s announcement. 

It was a day when the committee announced Lindros will be inducted to the Hockey Hall of Fame.

David Puchovsky, Slovakia,
28/06/2016 - 16:00


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