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Shock: O´Reilly signed 2-year deal in KHL

Shock: O´Reilly signed 2-year deal in KHLThe Colorado Avalanche center could stay outside the NHL for two years.

Firstly, it was a big shock on Thursday´s night when the news about Ryan O´Reilly was announced. There was a chance he could stay in the KHL for the full season, does not matter if lockout ends or not. It would be possible, as he is a restricted free agent and does not have contract with any NHL team. Secondly, his player agent confirmed us the signing of the deal and that he would come back to the NHL when the lockout ends. Thirdly, we know now that this is not a full true.

The official website of the Mettalugr Magnitogorsk has confirmed the deal with O´Reilly for two seasons. The contract is valid not only for the rest of the 2012/13 season, but also for the 2013/14 season. Fortunately for the Colorado Avalanche fans, there is a clause in the contract: O´Reilly could leave Metallurg if he will get the offer for the contract in the NHL with favorable terms. "It has been agreed by mutual consent that if Ryan is offered a contract on more lucrative terms in the National Hockey League, Metallurg will not interfere in that contract being concluded," the team said in a website statement. With other words, Avalanche´s offer has to outbid the current O´Reilly´s contract in the KHL.

Believe me it does not have to be easy to get O´Reilly back. The KHL teams, mainly those based in Russia, are famous for the overpaying players of all categories. Metallurg has not commented the financial details of the contract and will not do, but it could be 5 millions USD per season or also 1. It is hard to say. In Russia, everything is possible. What we know for now for sure is that for the Avalanche management it would not be easy process.

Eurolanche contacted the Mettalurg and has received the official statement on O´Reilly´s contract. It is true he has signed a deal with the KHL team for two years. He will travel to Russia within 10 days. The team is solving the visa issues now. The person on the line did not know about the clause that would allow O´Reilly to come back to the NHL, but as the official website of the team has announced it yet, we can believe them.

As we have informed you earlier, O´Reilly´s player agent said weeks ago that his client will not play anywhere during the lockout. Why it has changed? Has O´Reilly lost the patient and is frustrated by the lockout like all fans? Are there any problems between him and the Avalanche? Hard to say, this is just speculations. But what is not the speculation is he will join his older brother Cal in the Metallurg, who is currently injured and is not sure when he will come back. 

Ryan is the second NHL player who has signed the permanent contract outside the NHL, which does not include the clause he could come back to the NHL when the lockout ends. The first one is Andrei Kostitsyn who signed one-year contract in the KHL in September 2012. But Kostitsyn is unrestricted free agent in the NHL, Ryan is restricted.

Eurolanche is waiting for the answer of O´Reilly´s agent.

David Puchovsky, Slovakia,
07/12/2012 - 12:45


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