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Eurolanche at the Stadium Series game

Eurolanche at the Stadium Series gameThe report from the Stadium Series game, along with a photo gallery and videos.

It was the highlight of the Eurolanche Invasion VIII. One week ako, the Colorado Avalanche and the Detroit Red Wings played an outdoor game at the Coors Field baseball stadium. The members of the European Fan Club simply couldn't miss this event. It was extremely hard to get tickets for the game, as we did not get any help from anybody. Finally, we had the opportunity buy them during the first days of the ticket sales and the 12 members taking part in Invasion VIII had the chance to take seats in one row. They almost filled the entire row.

Fans had various options how to spend time before the beginning Stadium Series game. But before we could go there, we had to park our mini van. We decided to pay $50 for the official parking near the stadium. But it was like one mile away of the event location! Fortunately, there were buses specifically for the purpose of transfering fans to the side of the event.

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Aside from souvenirs, merchandise and food offers, there were many places to do various activities near Coors Field. Bands were playing songs while their members wore Avs jerseys. Fans could take photos and have it printed like a hockey card or play Xbox. We did not use many of these options due to the long waiting times, but it was definitely fun for the rest of the fans. One of things we could not miss was buying a t-shirt reading "RED WINGS SUCK!".

After we came into the stadium, there was one more big shop with merchandise, with expensive prices, of course. Anyway, we bought some stuff, as we are the craziest fans from Europe. Then we took our seats behind Varlamov's net in the 17th row. Videos of the Avalanche and Red Wings rivarly were broadcasted on the main screen. The show began before the game and continued during each intermission. There were flying jets after the US national anthem. The atmosphere got more intense, as did the cheering of the fans.

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We will never forget the Stadium Series game, even though the final result didn't make us happy. Anyway, we had the chance to see legends of both teams a day before the game itself. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, worth everything in the world to us. Just look at our photo galleries and videos.

At the very end, I have to emphasise one more moment from this game - the interview with Jeremy Roenick for NBC Sports. The greatest media moment in Eurolanche history. Read more about it at HERE., Worldwide,
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NHL on Nov 11, 2017: "Eurolanche is the world's largest Colorado Avalanche fan club."