Remembering Peter McNab
06.11.2022 22:30 - A long-time Colorado Avalanche analyst died. Eurolanche remembers his legacy and thanks him for his friendship over the years.
The biggest event in Eurolanche history
31.10.2022 17:30 - A record-setting number of Eurolanche members are traveling to Finland for Avalanche games.
Eurolanche enters its 16th season
12.10.2022 18:00 - An overview of the Fan Club’s plans for the 2022/23 season.
Eurolanche returns to Denver
12.10.2022 17:00 - A record-setting number of participants will take part in the Fan Club’s thirteenth overseas trip.
13th year of Eurolanche League starts
11.10.2022 16:00 - THE WORLD'S BIGGEST AVS FAN CLUB FOUNDED IN EUROPE SINCE 2007 starts the Eurolanche League for a 13th time in the history.
Dominik Hašek about the rivalry with Colorado
11.10.2022 01:36 - The former Czech goalie shared his memories with Eurolanche about his time with the Detroit Red Wings, when he was part of the rivalry with the Avalanche.
12th edition of the Eurolanche League ended
09.10.2022 17:00 - The 12th edition of Eurolanche’s popular betting contest is in the books.
My Invasion 2022
11.09.2022 19:30 - A report from David Puchovsky’s trip to Colorado.
Eurolanche celebrates 15th birthday
12.08.2022 20:00 - The Fan Club was founded in 2007 and has been uniting Avalanche fans from all over the world ever since.
Eurolanche’s 15th season
12.08.2022 19:30 - A summary of the 2021/22 season from the perspective of the Fan Club.
NHL on Nov 11, 2017: "Eurolanche is the world's largest Colorado Avalanche fan club."