Congratulations to the Colorado Avalanche
28.06.2022 21:55 - Eurolanche congratulates the entire Colorado Avalanche organization on winning its third Stanley Cup.
Eurolanche Live Interview on FOX 31
17.05.2022 21:30 - The Denver-based channel interviewed Eurolanche's founder and president David Puchovsky ahead of Round 2 of the Stanley Cup playoffs.
Invasion becomes Eurolanche on Tour
12.05.2022 09:30 - Eurolanche decided to change the name of its trips to the US.
Hassan received gifts from Colorado
04.05.2022 20:00 - The Avalanche honored the little hero from Ukraine.
Eurolanche Meeting 15
18.04.2022 20:30 - Eurolanche members met in France for the first time.
Eurolanche welcomes Ball Corp’s decision
31.03.2022 15:30 - Eurolanche’s statement on Ball Corporation’s decision to leave Russia.
Eurolanche’s stance: Ignoring Ukraine
24.03.2022 15:30 - The silence of the Colorado Avalanche organization in regard to the war in Ukraine is deafening.
The story of an 11-year-old’s escape from war
15.03.2022 22:00 - The touching story, which made headlines all around the world, finally has a happy ending.
Eurolanche raised more than 2,000 EUR for UA
06.03.2022 21:30 - The Fan Club also appeals to the NHL and each NHL team to openly support Ukraine.
Help Ukraine, help Avs fans
25.02.2022 22:00 - Eurolanche would like to draw attention to various ways of helping Ukraine.
NHL on Nov 11, 2017: "Eurolanche is the world's largest Colorado Avalanche fan club."