Eurolanche Invasion XII on FOX 31
12.02.2020 14:30 - Jeremy Hubbard of the FOX 31 interviewed the Eurolanche Invasion XII members right after their arrival to Denver.
Everything about Invasion XII
11.02.2020 12:00 - Links to all articles about Eurolanche’s twelfth trip to the US.
Eurolanche Invasion XII begins tomorrow
10.02.2020 20:30 - Twelve Fan Club members will embark on Eurolanche’s twelfth trip to Colorado.
On the eve of Invasion XII
10.02.2020 18:30 - Commentary of Eurolanche founder David Puchovsky.
Special website for the Avs’ outdoor game
10.02.2020 16:00 - The Eurolanche Fan Club has prepared a new special website.
Where and how to follow Invasion XII
09.02.2020 20:30 - Don’t miss anything from Eurolanche’s twelfth trip to the US.
What’s available at Invasion website
09.02.2020 18:00 - A special website about Eurolanche’s overseas trips.
Introducing: the participants of Invasion XII
08.02.2020 19:00 - Take a look at the 12 members of the Eurolanche Fan Club who will take part in the upcoming Eurolanche Invasion XII.
Live videos: Follow Eurolanche Invasion XII
07.02.2020 19:00 - Follow the twelfth fan club trip via live videos.
Eurolanche Invasion XII in numbers
06.02.2020 16:00 - The Fan Club’s twelfth trip to the US will begin on February 11, 2020.
NHL on Nov 11, 2017: "Eurolanche is the world's largest Colorado Avalanche fan club."