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Exclusive interview with Hejduk

Exclusive interview with HejdukIn a case you missed some part of our coverage on Milan Hejduk, Jan Hejda and David Koci, here is everything.

Milan Hejduk definitely retired of hockey on Monday. In this occasion, we decided to re-publish our alone and very exclusive interview with a Czech forward. Eurolanche Fan Club met with Hejduk (and Jan Hejda on the same meeting; with David Koci on the next day) in the summer 2012. As Hejduk has never loved long quotes, the following interview is a great and unique part of the history.

Interview: Hejda and Hejduk (1.)

Interview: Hejda and Hejduk (2.)

Interview: Hejda and Hejduk (3.)

Hejda a Hejduk: Team talk

Meeting: Hejda, Hejduk and Koci

Video: Interview with Hejda and Hejduk

EXCLUSIVE: Interview with David Koci

Koci greets Avs fans and our members

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David Puchovsky, Slovakia,
25/02/2014 - 22:00


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